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WGC Nov 2023 Events

WGC's Nov 2023 calendar included a lot of events: a general meeting, a field trip, updating the plant material near the town hall & town hall Christmas decoration.

Our speaker for Nov general meeting was Banks Helfrich. He is an independent farmer at "Here On The Farm" & the topic was sustainable farming in Central Florida. He shared his personal experiences from his farming journey. It was very inspiring & educational.

Nov hostesses Maria H & Bonnie B provided a delicious fall themed spread along with a lot of eye candy in the form of beautiful floral arrangements.

A few of the WGC members visited "Here On The Farm" on the weekend following the general meeting. It was a complimentary teaching tour where the members got to taste whatever was in the season & also received free cuttings.

As part of the Windermere town hall beautification project some of the containers around the town hall were spruced up by WGC members. As part of this project, the flagpole area was also updated to reflect the upcoming festive season. A big thank you to our president Vicki H for spearheading this effort!

Following the annual tradition of decorating the town Christmas tree a few members got together & worked on this effort. Pictures are worth a thousand words in this case!

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