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WGC Flower Show Information

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TABLE DESIGNS & REQUIREMENTS General Table Information:

  1. All table classes must relate to the service of food.

  2. All components must be in good taste, consistent with an appropriate atmosphere for the service of food.

  3. Schedule must always be specific as to size (of table or frame of reference), mode (Functional if Exhibition), and purpose of table (occasion or title).Mode of Tables: A.  Function, for two or more Persons

  4. Table exhibit planned and set for actual service of food, capable of functioning for dining as displayed.  Convenience and a sense of order must prevail.

  5. The exhibit must always include a decorative unit (a floral design, with or without candles or other accessories).  A container-grown plant alone is not a design.

  6. Typically includes dishes, beverages container/s, covering/s, and napkin/s.

  7. Coordination of all components must be balanced within the allotted space. B.  Exhibition

  8. An artistic arrangement of table components, within an allotted space, to provide a creative effect without consideration for functional placement.  All components chosen must be suitable for use on a dining table.

  9. Schedule may not specify table components appropriate to manner of dining, class title and/or occasion.

  10. Exhibition table may be:

                  a.      Type I  – Must include a decorative unit/s

b.      Type II – May not include a decorative unit/s but must include some plant material placed where needed to carry rhythm, repeat color/s and overall degree of formality.

i.      Container/s or items substituting for containers may be used, but they must not provide a receptacle for completed design.

ii.      All plants, including container-grown plants, are not designs and therefore may not be used. C.  Alfresco

  1. Dining out-of-doors, on table, ground, bench, tailgate, etc.

  2. May be any degree of formality with appropriate appointments for the chosen manner.  Schedule class title or description may dictate manner. If you have any questions, please contact either Joan Prasky, Floral Design Show Chairman or Jackie Haddock, Co-Chairman. Please see your Yearbook for their contact information.

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