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WGC 2021 Plant Sale

WGC organized its second annual plant sale on Nov 13th. Members contributed plants, items for silent auction & raffle and previously loved garden goods. Event was a success. Proceeds from this plant sale will help WGC in sponsoring scholarships to students obtaining horticulture related degrees from UF & valencia.

Plant sale ready to go! A lot of members & their families helped with the set-up.

L to R: Carolyn B helping customers, Maria H picking up a plant or two, Shirin N helping customers with how they could utilize their purchases in their home garden.

L to R: Customers checking out the merchandise, Dale B at the checkout counter, One of the members daughter helping with the fundraising efforts by selling her handmade quilled earrings/crocheted Christmas ornaments.

Image courtesy: Bonnie B, Debra N.

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