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September 2022 General Meeting

WGC members met for the Sep 2022 general meeting after the summer break. A few landscaping projects related to the town of Windermere were completed during the summer. Members also met for summer luncheons once a month.

April H and Kim B did a wonderful job as hostesses and were thanked by all.

Beautiful floral arrangement surrounded by delicious food

April & Kim, September hostesses

The September program included plant raffle & live auction of a few chosen plants.

Top image: live auction tables. Bottom image: plant raffle tables

Awards earned by club and members were announced by Bonnie B, Awards Chairperson. Mary Beth C won the Community Flower Award for the library flowers. Arjuna D and Shirin N entered the Art in Bloom and won. Jackie R and Vicki H won an award for the 2021 Environmental Education for Youth Award in regards to the Arbor Day celebration with the Windermere Church Preschool.

Award recipients with Bonnie B (Image courtesy: Susan O)

Members received information regarding the upcoming Disctrict VII flower show & were encouraged to participate by Maureen T & Suzanne M.

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