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2018 April General Meeting Announcement

The informal coffee and a semi-annual "white elephant" sale will begin at 9:30am. The general meeting will begin at 10 am with fellow garden club member, Vicki Hearst, speaking on "Micro Greens & Sprouts".

This meeting would be a great time to join us because on Tuesday, April 17th we will be having a newcomers' event. To join, the TOTAL cost is $35 which is $30 for dues PLUS a one time fee of $5 for a reusable binder for our annual yearbook pages. Please open the link below to print out and then fill out an application. Then bring the application to the meeting with your $35 payment. If you wish to attend the newcomers event on April 17th and can not come to the April 12th general meeting, then call Jackie at 407-876-5789.

Windermere Garden Club Membership Application

Please note: Due to a change in our bylaws that officers will now be elected to TWO year terms, the May 10, 2018 General Meeting will NOT be an officers' installation luncheon. Instead it will be a "regular" general meeting at Windermere Town Hall with informal coffee at 9:30am and a general meeting with a program at 10am. More later.

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